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Hola, my name is Roxana. My mission is to make shoes that are so chic and versatile, you'll wear them everywhere. 

At Barcelona Collective we the shoes that we all want to wear: smart, unique, fiercely pragmatic. Quality materials make a heel feel great and it requires architectural vision and an artisan's touch to get it right.

Our Barcelona Collective team builds every model by hand, sourcing only the highest quality materials. The result? Our flats and heels are flexible, lightweight, and washable. Our clients tell us our shoes are a staple as they travel through their days - from breakfast meetings to the airport to late night dinners.  

Behind the scenes, ratios play a crucial role. We design the internal architecture to distribute your weight across the full structure of your foot, reducing the impact on your joints as you take each step. 

With all of the kilometres you'll put on your Barcelona shoes, we're sure you'll appreciate the care we put into making them for you. 

I come from a family a family of tailors, artists and entrepreneurs. My great, great aunt Benedetta started a tailoring business in bohemian, turn-of-the-century Barcelona. She had a great sense of style & the work ethic she needed to build her business. While my great, great uncle the painter Ricard Canals whiled away his time with his best friend, Pablo Picasso, Benedetta built a legacy that I picked up 3 generations later.  My great-great uncle's work can be seen in museums around the world but Picasso found Benedetta so enchanting her portrait hangs in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona's Gothic quarter.

I spent my childhood Summers in Barcelona and on beaches of nearby Costa Brava.  My mother's sister, Ana Maria, like most Catalan women, is effortlessly stylish. She always looks pulled together, even if she is just popping out to go to bakery.  Each visit my aunt would take me to choose good pieces and shoes for my Fall wardrobe. These classics are so beautifully made that that I still wear items that my Auntie Ana Maria bought me as a teenager.

One of her best friends, Pilar Val, worked under Oriol Bohigas, who designed the Olympic village and many of Barcelona's most interesting modern buildings. Each time I landed, these women would shepherd me to see the newest buildings, the must-see gallery, a cool cafe. They are a cultural force to be reckoned with. 


History of the brand. Barcelona Culture, Design Architecture. Our family and Picasso. Who makes our shoes and our process.


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