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Hola, my name is Roxana.

Hola, my name is Roxana

My great aunt Benedetta.

I come from a family of tailors, artists and entrepreneurs. My great, great aunt Benedetta started a tailoring
business in bohemian, turn-of-the-century Barcelona, using her great sense of style and work ethic. While my great, great uncle Ricard Canals painted alongside his best friend, Pablo Picasso, Benedetta built a legacy that I picked up 3 generations later.

My career journey began with an undergraduate degree in International Business. Finishing university in Milan naturally dovetailed into working in Italy’s Northeast, a hub for fashion manufacturing.  These years working with the art & design community in Italy and appreciation for a well-curated luxury lifestyle helped to develop the iconic & uncomplicated aesthetic of Barcelona Collective while I developed my technical skills  of footwear design and construction under the tutelage of master cobbler Natalio Martin. 


Today my objective is to build each shoe so that it can tackle running between morning drop-offs, meetings, after-work events and travel, all with a sense of wit and style. As a woman-led brand, I design the pieces that we need in our lives.

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