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Basque Live Edge Cotton Scarf - Sea Glass

$120.00 CAD

My maternal grandmother's family was originally from France, emigrating to Barcelona in the 19th century so perhaps that is why I have such a love and respect for the textile culture of the region. Partnering with Maison Basque, who brings these beautiful French fabrics to Canada, we have made a limited edition run in Toronto. Each scarf is handmade locally & falls beautifully.

Centuries ago, oxen in the Basque country were draped with large linen blankets to protect them from the elements. The linen featured striped patterns that identified the ownership of the oxen to a particular farm. The high quality of the fabric eventually made its way inside the farmhouses with a classic 7-stripe design. The 7 stripes evoke the number of provinces in the Basque country: 3 in France, 4 in Spain.

  • Our sizes are standard European sizes
  • US 8 = European 38

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